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Mulligan’s Hollow Spring 2024

By April 15, 2024No Comments

This past weekend the windscreens were attached and leaves were blown off the courts at Mulligan’s Hollow. This was the first year we rolled up the windscreens on the fence over the winter. Overall the nets are in good condition though two small tears were observed at the bottom of the south facing windscreen. It looks like the feet of the portable nets may have caused the tears when the net was being moved. We ask for everyone’s help to assure that the feet don’t snag the net and create any further damage. The Club would like to thank the volunteers who attached the windscreens, cleaned off the courts and set up the portable nets. This includes Lew Gorbach, Randy Dicks, Chip Gilbertson, John Cookingham, Rod Seyers, Dave Ball, and Angelo Marasco. In the fall we will need several more volunteers to help us roll up the windscreens.

Angelo Marasco
LPC Board Member / Maintenance Chairperson

PLEASE NOTE: It was just observed that the portable net parked on the fence by court 4 is in need of repair. Please do not use or attempt to move that net until further notice. Thank you.