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Donating to our club helps us cover expenses including both recurring and special projects. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us grow our pickleball community.

Your donation helps support:

  • Portable nets (purchase/upkeep/replacement)
  • Outdoor seating and umbrella shades
  • Court maintenance and tools to dry wet courts
  • Sign in boards/paddle racks for drop-in play
  • Pickleballs supplied for drop-in play times
  • Equipment for youth and adult instruction and new player nights
  • Mulligan’s Hollow on-site storage shed
  • Mulligan’s Hollow fence windscreens
  • Lakeshore Pickleball website and Facebook page
  • On-site AED equipment
  • Social Events
  • Pickleball Clinics
  • Youth & Adult instructional programs
  • Club Competitions
  • Signage
  • Court Maintenance and repair
  • Pickleballs
  • CRCG Rental
  • Liability Insurance
  • Mulligan’s Hollow Porta-Potty Rental

Thank you for your donation!