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Contact us.

Have a question or thoughts on how we can make our club better than it already is?  We would love to hear from you. We are a very diverse club whose members play in many different venues which makes it extremely challenging to meet everyone’s needs. Please help us with your constructive thoughts and ideas.​

Your input will be presented and reviewed at the next LPC Board meeting.

Interested in volunteering or serving on a committee? Please indicate how you would like to help and we will contact you. Thank you!

Committee Chairs:

Social: Chip Gilbertson

Technology: Julie Franczek

Adult Instruction: Marcia Geissinger

Membership: Shelly Finkhouse

Tournaments: John Gabalis

City/Township Liaison: Carrie Rodgers

Youth Instruction: Kristen Kosidowski

Court Maintenance: Angelo Marasco

Board of Directors, 2023-24

Carrie Rodgers, President
John Gabalis, Vice President
Shelly Finkhouse, Treasurer
Marcia Geissinger, Secretary

Angelo Marasco, member at large
Kristen Kosidowski, member at large
Chip Gilbertson, member at large