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Become a member!

Please consider joining our club. We are a nonprofit organization growing this wonderful sport in our region. We offer one-year memberships for only $25. Joining LPC gives you exclusive benefits available only to members.  Membership dues help to fund the Club expenses which include both recurring and special projects. Recurring expenses primarily include the purchase of pickleballs for play, ongoing maintenance at the courts, clinics, and club competitions. Joining the Club significantly helps support this fast-growing sport.

The Lakeshore Pickleball Club was organized to help promote the sport of pickleball, to locate and identify potential sites for playing, and to allow its members to interact in a safe and fun way.

Membership Benefits:

  • Fun and competitive club tournaments and ladder leagues
  • Members-only social meet-up
  • Exclusive Club communications to stay current on events and places to play
  • Various indoor venues scheduled by the club
  • A friendly, supportive, and caring community of players that become close friends
  • Lakeshore Pickleball Facebook group for club updates
  • Members are covered under the club’s general liability insurance while participating in club activities

Membership Fees Support:

  • Portable nets (purchase/upkeep/replacement)
  • Outdoor seating and umbrella shades
  • Court maintenance and tools to dry wet courts
  • Sign in boards/paddle racks for drop-in play
  • Pickleballs supplied for drop-in playtimes
  • Equipment for youth and adult instruction and new player nights
  • Mulligan’s Hollow on-site storage shed
  • Mulligan’s Hollow fence windscreens
  • Lakeshore Pickleball website and Facebook page
  • On-site AED equipment

Your support of our local club through membership is greatly appreciated!