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LPC Elections

By July 17, 2023No Comments

Dear LPC members,

The nomination period for open LPC Board positions took place from May 22-June 22. The LPC Nominating Committee Chairman, Mike Zolik is now presenting these nominees in order for our club members to place their votes. Voting will be done online. To cast your vote, click the button at the bottom of this email. This will take you to the online ballot. Voting will be open for 48 hours, and the results will be shared with our members at our Annual Membership Meeting at Mulligan’s Hollow on Sat., July 22 @ 9:00am. On behalf of the present LPC Board, our thanks and gratitude go out to all of the nominees, and to the LPC Nominating Committee.

Carrie Rodgers
LPC Board President

Here is a message from Mike Zolik:
This was a very good nominating period; in fact, it may have been the biggest class of volunteers ever coming forward. A good Pickleball Club needs good leadership and the LPC has been fortunate and will continue to be fortunate as members come forward to take on the challenges and responsibilities of leadership. I have asked nominees to write brief bios to accompany online voting with results announced at the July 22nd Annual Members’ Meeting.

Mike Zolik, Chairman of the LPC Nominating Committee


My name is John Gabalis and I am running for the position of Board Vice President. I retired to Grand Haven 3 years ago from a career in Sales and Sales Management. I am married to my wife Jane and we have 3 grown children. I took up Pickleball 2 years ago, fell in love with the sport and am usually at Mulligan’s Hollow most mornings in the summer. For the last year I have served as an At-Large Board Member Position. As Vice President I would like to help the LPBC grow and continue the work that the Board has done to create a friendly and welcoming organization.

My name is Shelly Finkhouse and I am seeking the board office of treasurer. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and over 25 years of accounting experience in both the public & private sector. In addition to my accounting career, I am a small business owner.


My name is Orphield Brent Gilbertson (Chip). My career/background is in Finance and I have an MBA from Northwestern University (Go Cats!).As a hobby I’ve authored a successful children’s book and served on several charity boards, including the Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Hospital. I’m interested in serving as an at-large board member. I look forward to working for the members of the club and continuing to raise its awareness.

Kristen Kosidowski is a dynamic professional with a background in People Strategy and a true passion for Pickleball. With her experience as the former Director of People Strategy and Secretary of the Board, she excels in guiding organizations towards success by fostering positive work environments that promote growth, collaboration, and well-being. Kristen is also a dedicated leadership and life coach, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential. This coaching expertise brings a unique perspective to the Lakeshore Pickleball Club Board. Kristen aims to bridge the generation gap within the Pickleball community. She brings fresh and innovative ideas, creating an inclusive environment that appeals to all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. As a mother of two, Kristen understands the value of sportsmanship, mindset, and dedication in shaping younger generations. Her goal is to develop programs that nurture the love for Pickleball while empowering young players to enhance their skills and cultivate resilience.

Angelo M Marasco. I started learning to play Pickleball after I retired from a R&D role in November 2021 and am still learning. I appreciate that the game has made it possible for me to meet more people and develop valued new relationships. In 2022 I became an at-large board member of the Lakeshore Pickleball Club. During that time I have served as a youth Pickleball instructor through NORA’s after school program. To help inform the board’s recommendations for the new Schmidt Heritage Park courts I gathered input from LPC members. I also summarized key features of other Pickleball club websites to provide context for board discussions on a new LPC website. Most recently I reinvigorated the club member discount program with Pickleball Central. In the past I served on the boards of the NAHB’s Leading Suppliers Council and the Home Builder’s Institute. When not on the Pickleball court I volunteer at Harbor Hall and Love In Action’s food pantry warehouse.

Hello, my name is Kris Sterkenburg. I am interested in the Lakeshore Pickleball Club At-Large Board Member Position. I am new to Grand Haven and to the sport of Pickleball. So far, I love both! My husband Ryan and I moved to Grand Haven in September, 2022. He is a trust officer with West Shore Bank and I am an artist and have a small You-tube channel. We are born and raised Michiganders, growing up in Grand Rapids and raising our own kids in Leland. For the past 18 months (prior to last September), Ryan and I traveled the country in our RV, working remotely. We are thrilled to be back in Michigan. While we were traveling, we got a taste of Pickleball! We joined the LPC in the spring and have been playing a couple of times a week. I thought it would be fun to join the board as a way to give back to the club, and also to get to know more people in the club and in our new community. Thank you for your consideration.