There are many pickleball venues in the Lakeshore area but it can be a challenge to know where to play on a

given day.


The secret to this is the calendar as it will provide the time and place along with any other relevant information.''  


Listed below is a compilation of the many venues available for pickleball. Some of these are seasonal and of course the weather can be a factor as well.

Outdoor Venues


Mulligan's Hollow (Grand Haven):  This municipal 6 court dedicated outdoor facility is located at 30 Sherman Street, Grand Haven,

MI.  49417.  If there is a "home court", this would be it.  Somewhat sheltered in a bowl and close proximity to the channel and Lake Michigan make this a very desirable place to play.

Drop-in play (share the courts) is from 8-11am.  Everyone is welcome.  Open play (first-come, first-served can stay on their court) starts after 11am.

 Note: no water on site and you will have to make do with a porta potty.  No fee to play.  

Central Park (Spring Lake):  This village park is the newest (2016) dedicated outdoor court facility with 8 new courts, each with separate fencing for errant ball control.  Very close to pavilion with restrooms and water.  This is a hidden gem.  drop-in play is expected every morning from 8 to 11 am.  No fee to play. The address for Central Park is 808 Central Park Ave, Spring lake, MI  49456.

Roosevelt Park (Muskegon): This facility is located at 900 Oak Ridge Road, Roosevelt Park, MI 49441

Indoor Venues

SportHouse (formerly Norton Pines Athletic Center): Located at 1350 Judson Road, Spring lake, MI.  49456.  9am-noon 7 days a week.  All levels. $10. Free for SportHouse members.

Spring Lake Aquatic Center:  Another local indoor facility located at 16140 148th Street, Spring lake, MI  49456. Limited space but they do have a multipurpose room marked for pickleball.  A fee based community club.  Contact Front Desk at 616-847-5858 for more information.

Calvin Christian Reformed Church: Located at 973 W Norton, Muskegon, MI  49441. This is a church gym providing three pickleball courts.  Typically a $5 donation is solicited from all players.  Contact Paula Martin at 231-557-2187 for more information.

Anchor Point Bible Church:  Another church gym providing indoor pickleball opportunities in our area.  They are located at

635 Seminole Rd, Norton Shores, MI  49441.

Christian Reformed Conference Center:  This indoor facility is located at 12253 Lakeshore Drive, Grand Haven.  Carrie Rodgers -, 616-502-2791 for more information. The cost to play is $5 for morning and afternoon play, and $6 for evening play. Available mid October through April.

Ferrysburg Community Church:  This facility is located at 17785 Mohawk Drive, Spring Lake, MI.  Contact Joe Maher at 616-846-1363 for more information.

Tri-cities YMCA:  Located at 1Y Drive in Grand Haven (near outdoor courts). Free for members. Contact front desk at 616-842-7051 for more information.

Muskegon First Lutheran Church: Located at 1206 Whitehall Road in Muskegon.  This venue is on the north side of Muskegon- a great place for Muskegon players.  A donation is requested.  Contact Jim Timme (231-744-4986) or Steve DeVries (231-744-8050) for more information.

MSA Lakeshore in Holland: Located at 12429 Ransom Road on the north side of Holland.

6 indoor courts for year round play. Call 616-416-2100 for their current pickleball schedule.

Other Venues

Belknap Park, Grand Rapids:  Although a little drive from the Grand Haven area, you will find stiff and challenging competition at this great facility located less than 40 miles away.  Check out their website at: for dates and times of play. By the end of the evening you may come home with some humble pie!

USA Pickleball:  The usage website has a great places to play for when you are traveling and would like to find a friendly pickleball game.  You do not have to be a member to access this information.  Just go to: and drill down from the state to the location you are at.