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Political Solicitations

By June 12, 2024No Comments

Dear LPC Members,

The LPC board was contacted by a few members that were approached at Mulligan’s Hollow during open play times to participate in political canvassing.  They communicated that they were uncomfortable with politics being pushed during their play time.  They felt that the play at Mulligan’s is a space where they can get away from any issues that might cause drama.  Lakeshore Pickleball Club is a diverse organization with many different political, religious and social ideals.  Most of our members come to play pickleball and enjoy interaction with players without the burden of having to be solicited for any reason.  With this in mind we would ask that members please refrain from soliciting other players for any reason while at the courts. We believe this will make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Thank you for your help with this and for making Lakeshore Pickleball Club a place for all to enjoy.

Best regards,

John Gabalis

Lakeshore Pickleball Club VP