Ladders are the competitive doubles side of the club.  They are typically played in a league format where you commit to play on the day (usually one day week).  They are also typically skill and not gender related.

An example:  Assume 15 people have signed up for a "ladder".  Let's say that ladder is for those players at the 3.5 skill level.

That would translate into 3 courts with 5 people (one person sitting out each game) playing on each court. They each play each other an 11 point game, win by one.  So if one person won all of their matches, they would get 44 points. Each person receives one point for the game they sit out. So, in the example, the person who won all the games would have a total of 45 points or 100%.

The score for each person is tallied in this manner and the results determines who plays who the next week and so on.  The top five scores would play on one court, next five on another court, and the last five on the remaining court.

This process generally provides a way for players to play with others at approximately the same skill level.

Make no mistake.  A ladder is competitive, so don't consider this if your only interest is social and excercise.

You will find ladder schedules on the calendar, but keep in mind they are typically signed up for well before the event itself.

At this time, due to fewer indoor courts, our Ladder Leagues are held during the summer/outdoor season.