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August Ladder League

By July 9, 2024No Comments

Dear LPC members,

This is the August Ladder League sign-up email for LPC members. Please note: Ladder Leagues will start the week of August 1, 2024. You must be a current member of the Lakeshore Pickleball Club to participate in the Ladder Leagues.

During August there will be two key and important changes:

The addition of a 2.0-2.9 Ladder on Tuesday nights.

The remaining Ladder Divisions will be a mixed double format.

The 2.0 -2.9 Ladder is designed for those members who desire to learn more about the shot-making and strategic aspects of the game. Ideally, the participants are familiar with playing, and are interested in improving their knowledge of court movement and proper technique. An important aspect of this Ladder is LPC needs experienced players to help mentor and coach the participants. Please contact Chip if you are willing to help coach the 2.0-2.9 ladder on Tuesday evenings in August.

The Mixed Doubles Format for the other nights is not a partnership sign-up. Sign-up will be limited to 6 women and 6 men. The ladder will be conducted the same way as it has in the past, with one exception: the teams are always mixed.

All Ladders will meet once a week during August, weather permitting.

The Ladder Leagues are skill-based, and will take place on courts 4,5, and 6 at Mulligan’s Hollow. Do not sign up with a partner. Play will last 1 ½ hours.

The Ladder Leagues will use a King/Queen of the Courts format: Each week, players are placed randomly on a court and play a game to 11 (win by 2). After each game winners move up a court and split, and losers move down a court and split. You will always play as a “mixed” team. The goal is to “climb the ladder” to the top court (court 6). It’s competitive, but fun. There is usually a lot of movement up and down the courts by everyone, and you get to play with different partners.

The schedule is as follows starting the week of August 1.

● Monday 6:00-7:30 pm level 3.0 (self-rated) starts August 5 and ends August 26

●Tuesday 6:00-7:30 pm level 2.0-2.9 (self-rated) Starts August 6 and ends August 27

● Wednesday 6:00-7:30 pm level 3.5 (self-rated) starts August 7 and ends August 28

● Thursday 6:00-7:30 pm Level 4.0+ (self rated) starts August 1 and ends August 29.

● Friday 6:00-7:30 pm level 3.75+ (self-rated) starts August 2 and ends August 30.

If you are not sure of your skill level, please check the website and search “Definitions of Player Skill Ratings” for self-rating guidelines to help you determine which ladder fits your level of play.

This is a fun AND competitive time to play with others at the same skill level. You should sign up for the level that you would use if playing in a tournament. Please do not place yourself on a ladder above your skill level.

Please check your calendar before you sign up for a Ladder League. If you plan on missing more than 1 week of play, please do not sign up for the ladder. I would be happy to put you on the sub list.

If you would like to sign up for the August Ladder Leagues, please email Chip Gilbertson, and let him know in which level you wish to play. Please include your phone # in your email. Confirmation will be provided.

For the addition of the 2.0-2.9 ladder to work, we need volunteers to coach and instruct. Please help continue the tradition of helping newer players and volunteer your experience.


Thank you!
Please let Chip know if you have any questions! Ladders fill up quickly, so don’t delay!

Chip Gilbertson